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justin timberlake and britney spears 2011

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  • steve_hill4
    Jul 25, 10:33 AM
    Finally, this is what I have been waiting for.

    Not listed on UK store yet, but $69 on US store. Going by that, (being same price as shuffle), UK should be �49. Heck, that's a lot for a mouse, but only �10 more than regular BT mouse and �15 than wired MM, for that you get laser too.

    Not sure how often I would use it, too comfortable with trackpad and hot corners, but I will get one anyway. Be handy for later with iMac.

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  • SandynJosh
    Apr 29, 10:24 PM
    How stupid can Jeff Bozo be?!
    By undercutting the already cheap ala cart business model the record labels and the artist and writers etc are going to fell the pain right down to their pockets.

    I'm not sure at what price point predatory pricing becomes an issue, but I would think that Amazon may have crossed that line.

    Now, it may be possible that Amazon is not offering the same product at $.69 a song. For example I have downloaded a song from Amazon that I paid $.99 for, and was surprised to see it did not have the same sample rate as my iTunes songs.

    At some point I can't see the studios nor the artists wanting to take an income-per-song hit without having their say about it. If Amazon is selling music at a loss per song, then the FTC might have a say about that.

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  • MikeTheC
    Jul 22, 11:02 PM
    My 2�...

    I 100% agree with the sentiment that Apple should not try to have a meteoric growth rate. From what I've seen over the years, a company can grow to any size it wants and be stable, but if it does it too fast (or, frankly, if it does it for the wrong reasons) it becomes unwieldly and unstable, and eventually will die. I know people here will laugh when I say this, but I fully expect to see this phenominon happen to both Wal-Mart and Home Depot, just like it's happened to countless other companies who got too big too quickly.

    I firmly believe that marketshare is significant in that it is a make or break for software and peripheral development. It is also significant in that it contributes to overall "mindshare". Now, you can accept or reject "mindshare" if you like, but it absolutely has an effect because people believe it is important.

    Furthermore, I have issues with the comments about marketshare increase alone as a primary contributor to getting Macs back into schools. The reason I have a problem with that is that school boards and school superintendants are typically in the back pocket of the IT staffs of the district, and so many of those staffs out there are all MS-heads. Until you can replace those folks (not convert, not convince, but replace) you're hardly likely to see much penetration into the educational market.

    And with both businesses and schools, it's incredibly ironic that they cling -- positively cling -- to Microsoft and all things Microsoft and only things Microsoft, even despite the tide of spyware, malware, viruses and incessant security hole exploitation. I mean, they'll bitch and moan about all the holes they had to patch and all the viruses they had to contend with and all the maintenance issues which fill up their day, but mention "Macintosh" just once and they'll immediately jump on the bandwagon of "Anything not made by Microsoft sucks. Oh, and Macs doubly suck, and nobody uses them, and there isn't any software for them, and they just crash all the time." Yadda yadda yadda. Geez, if I had a nickle for everytime I heard that crap come out of the mouth of an allegedly-savvy IT guy...

    Anyhow, one factor of significant import is Linux's market share, which is now either equal to or slightly in excess of Apple's. It's a good thing, on the one hand, because it means that competition is alive and well in the OS marketplace. But it also should serve as a wake-up call to Apple. They should know full-well what this means, since they're (at least to a degree) in bed with the Open Source crowd.

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  • Hwangsta
    May 3, 08:02 AM
    Would Apple stores have any models with i7? Or is that only possible through BTO?


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  • NewSc2
    Oct 18, 04:55 PM
    "Q on Mac Pro demand. A: Very positive reaction to Mac Pro. Still feel there is a delay in purchasing related to Creative Suite (Universal)"

    They said the same thing about pro desktop sales when we were waiting on a carbon version from Adobe. Then, it was released and Pro sales didn't increase. Too bad you can't put Xeon in a MBP :P

    Too bad they can't put a Merom in a MBP.

    (kidding! kidding...)

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  • SciFrog
    Oct 21, 08:45 AM
    It doesn't look like the Core i860 was overclocked, running at 2.8...

    Hyperthreading does wonder to Folding eh.


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  • Keleko
    Apr 8, 01:59 PM
    Ferrell's Hamburgers in Hopkinsville, KY, is the home of the best burgers in the world! (

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  • mozmac
    May 3, 07:34 AM
    Finally. I have been waiting.


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  • Blue Velvet
    Aug 2, 06:02 AM
    No it is not and I dare you to prove me wrong! The majority of the creative class uses pcs period.

    Wrong. Of course, sequestered in your teaching post-graduate architectural world you may not see the wood for the trees and in the readily-accepted use of the word, 'creatives' do not include those who use AutoCAD.

    The design, print, packaging, promo, photographic and fashion industry is overwhelmingly Mac-based.

    Saying 'period' at the end of a sentence doesn't make it correct. Nor does one campus switching to PCs make it a summer. ;)

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  • Digitalclips
    Apr 29, 02:59 PM


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  • Apple OC
    May 1, 10:09 PM
    killed at a Mansion in Islamabad Pakistan

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  • ToTem.M@cinPosh
    Jul 25, 02:01 PM
    Its cool apple is making it so shut up


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  • dextertangocci
    Jul 12, 02:59 PM
    It's would be fun if Microsoft released this player and Apple introduced the rumored full screen iPod a few days later..

    Or a few days earlier.....

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  • mwheeler609
    Apr 14, 08:35 PM
    Give me some wise decision guys�

    I am badly in need for a new iDevice. My last device was the iPod Touch 1st Generation. I am planning to get both the iPhone and iPad, but will only get one now and wait for the other one in the next update.

    So which is better now?

    Get iPhone 4 White, and wait for iPad 3�
    Get iPad 2, and wait for iPhone 5?

    I am leaning towards the first option because the iPhone 4 feels like a revolution while the iPad 2 feels like a small upgrade and I wish it has a retina screen. But on the other hand, the iPhone 4 feels old now and iPad 2 just released.

    I just ordered the iPad 2, white, and have an iPhone 4, personally either option works fine, every time a new product comes out the old one (if in good shape) sells for a real good price and can pretty much be flipped for a new one, got 220 for my iphone 3g when the iphone 4 came out


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  • crazyrog17
    Nov 16, 06:38 AM

    29 city / 35 hwy at $16K.... Mazda 2

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  • Stella
    Apr 13, 01:57 PM
    No thanks, I don't want to have to jailbreak my TV to make it useful.

    These TV rumours are bogus IMO. I think the rumour will turn out to be related to the AppleTV box we have today, rather than a TV.


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  • diamond.g
    Apr 27, 08:16 AM
    SATA is also bi-directional....

    Pointing out that TBolt speed is of the same order of magnitude as SATA speed isn't trashing - it's countering some of the TBolt hype. Some people seem to think that TBolt is infinitely fast.

    Agree with you that the real promise of TBolt is to bring PCIe expansion to systems without PCIe slots.

    On first glance I was hoping it would be a reasonably cheaper replacement for FC, but that doesn't appear to be the case...

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  • blow45
    Mar 31, 03:04 PM
    butt ugly (at the very, very list leave the option of reverting as in the

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  • ValSalva
    Apr 26, 12:09 PM
    $20 a year seems pretty reasonable.

    Jul 21, 11:15 AM
    I'm holding off until WWDC to decide what route of "Mac conversion" I am going to be using. If Leopard has a built in Parallels type solution (which I believe it will), then I will absolutely begin my church's mac conversion in January.

    Phil Schiller recently that it isn't going to happen. "absolutely not, the R&D would be prohibitive and we�re not going to do it. Our solution is dual boot." ( At the same time, they are happy to promote Parallels (

    Apr 13, 02:40 PM
    Only slightly off topic�

    Without using iTunes & ATV, does anyone know of a product where you can wirelessly stream the media contents of any shared volume to the TV? I would imagine such a product would need a PC/Mac side client as well as a TV attached gizmo�like iTunes & ATV. I have both anyway, but I was wondering of different options.

    Apr 26, 10:38 PM
    Well, I don't know about this guy specifically. But I own over 20,000 vinyl records. Average 10 tracks each, that's 200,000 songs right there. Not to count at least that many 45's. A collection I've gathered over 50 years. Not to mention 78's, cylinders, etc.

    The $1-per-song figure is also grossly inflated when you consider that many albums cost $7.99 to $9.99 and come with between 10-20 tracks. Look at the "Songs for Japan" album, for example. Good value there.

    Apr 14, 09:12 PM
    I made my very first print sale today. When I started taking pictures for my 365 project, I never expected it result in selling any pictures, but I guess you can never tell where things will go. Here's the picture that I sold. I took it a couple of weeks ago at the Georgia Tech auto show. The purchaser is a huge fan of Hudson automobiles, and he bought a print to give to the owner. He said he used to develop and print his own black and white film shots some time back, too. (

    Oct 24, 07:42 AM
    Everything I wanted. Larger storage, much more memory and FW800.

    Apple, you're the 1 :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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