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sarah palin bikini

sarah palin bikini. sarah palin sarahpalin bikini
  • sarah palin sarahpalin bikini

  • Glideslope
    Apr 28, 07:22 PM

    Who cares really?

    It's white! That's all I care about :)

    It's a Thick Chick Phone. :apple:

    sarah palin bikini. If anyone can help Sarah Palin
  • If anyone can help Sarah Palin

  • lilo777
    Apr 22, 02:54 PM
    Apple has never used extreme edition processors. It's outside the scope of their market (aside from beyond their TDP).

    However, that's immaterial to the overall point. You tried to claim that apple skimps on some products, therefore them skimping on LTE because they can makes sense. That's no longer the case, Apple does use mobile quad core processors, so your claim no longer has any basis.

    Really? So the fact that they did not have laptops with mainstream mobile quad core CPUs before Sandy Bridge when every other computers manufacturer had them is "immaterial" now? With LTE it's the same story all over. After they finally get in a year or two you'll probably be able to say again that it's immaterial. I bet it's very material to those who want iPhone with LTE now. Another major problem here is that Apple sticks to having just one model of iPhone (CDMA vs GSM differences aside). As if all people wanted the same thing. They don't.

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  • 2008 -- Sarah Palin Bikini

  • SeanMcg
    Nov 3, 11:34 AM
    It will be interesting to see changes the parallels will make. competition is nice. unless you are microsoft...

    ..who won't let you legally ( install a "Home" version of Vista in a virtual enviroment, forcing you to pay more for the Ultimate version.

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  • gina gershon sarah palin

  • adcx64
    Apr 14, 02:37 PM
    UPDATE there has been news that Apple will release a "smart TV" in the near future, this could be their 9th product (ix):apple:


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  • sarah palin bikini pics. young

  • bondsbw
    Sep 30, 07:25 AM
    Having worked very closely with the head engineers of AT&T, I do feel sorry for them. As someone stated earlier, that are spending billions to upgrade the network, but all that money will only meet current demand in some areas. The iPhone is such an incredible success that AT&T never had a chance. The same would be said about Verizon had they got the exclusive contract. If you want to lay the blame at anyones feet, it should be Apple. They should have made a CDMA version and split the load between the networks.

    You have a point, but Apple didn't necessarily want an exclusive carrier. That does nothing for Apple's business. AT&T obviously paid for Apple's exclusivity.

    I understand that AT&T has a problem, and they are trying to fix the problem. But they have made TONS OF MONEY off people switching from Verizon/Sprint/etc. It may take time for that money to become new towers and infrastructure, but they cannot say that there is no problem.

    AT&T had to drop the "Fewest Dropped Calls" ad campaign because it turned out to be mostly false. "More Bars in More Places" means nothing when everyone else is using all those bars.

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  • Sarah Palin Photo Fake – No

  • gkhaldi
    Oct 23, 12:43 PM
    That's what makes all the rancor about this so funny. Depending on the reading of this EULA provision, Apple's limits are still as, or more, restrictive than Microsoft's.

    But at least they are clear. And, last time I checked OS X wasn't far of the 99$ mark for a 5 instance home license. Compare that with Micro$oft:p :p


    sarah palin bikini. sarah-palin-halloween
  • sarah-palin-halloween

  • iMeowbot
    Dec 1, 03:00 PM
    But if we agree that the development of a secure OS is all about utilizing sound design, coding and auditing processes, then we must also accept that the challenge will be very difficult for Apple to meet: You just cannot do that with Open Source...
    Sure you can. What you can't do is grab stuff and assume that it does the right thing without checking it for yourself. That's equally true for software developed in house, or developed by subcontractors or commercial partners. It has little at all to do with public vs. private source code.

    sarah palin bikini. Sarah Palin a second time.
  • Sarah Palin a second time.

  • twoodcc
    Oct 13, 07:03 PM
    Yeah. Atleast we are gaining on 4 teams as well.

    that's true. and our numbers are going up. we just gotta keep at it


    sarah palin bikini. Sarah Palin Bikini Photo (fake
  • Sarah Palin Bikini Photo (fake

  • Nermal
    Apr 14, 02:33 AM
    It's the mythical xMac! :p

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  • Sarah Palin Bikini, Snakeskin

  • rdowns
    Feb 28, 06:10 PM
    Between him and Cryer, that's still half of what the show brings in. And you're still not factoring in production costs.

    Remember that CBS gets to air reruns and also owns part of the show to sell into syndication. That damn psycho has probably generated a billion dollars for CBS.

    Here's a list of what some TV stars earn. (

    Says Sheen gets $1.25 million, Cryer at $550K and the kid at $250K.


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  • Palin in Bikini

  • rans0m00
    Apr 22, 05:48 PM
    if this turned out to be the next iPhone I might buy one before upgrade time is up. The square look of my iP4 is nice but I would love for it to appear to have less bulk. Yes I know its small already but that's what people were saying when we moved from the bag phone to the bar phone.

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  • shesarah palin bikini

  • ipodtouch-user
    Nov 10, 10:07 PM
    Hey Apple - ya think your user base might be interested in Flash??


    Yeah, you know what's best for us users though - so we should be elated that you are resisting support for it tooth and nail.


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  • Mherm88
    May 3, 07:44 AM
    UGH why can't there be a 128GB SSD+1TB 7200RPM, comon now.

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  • Sarah Palin Pin-up Picts

  • Ygn
    Oct 31, 12:12 PM

    Hopefully. :p


    sarah palin bikini. sarah palin bikini pics.
  • sarah palin bikini pics.

  • nies
    Apr 27, 07:57 PM
    Anyone else find it odd the way jav has been acting?

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  • Sarah Palin: The Beauty Queen

  • scamper
    Aug 15, 04:28 PM
    It looks like the menu text default has dropped from 14pt Lucida Grande in Tiger to 13pt Lucida Grande in Leopard -- a welcome change.


    sarah palin bikini. Donnarama (as Sarah Palin)
  • Donnarama (as Sarah Palin)

  • aperry
    Apr 26, 04:12 PM
    If it is as good as Ping, I'm IN!

    Hahahaha, nice one.

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  • Watch Sarah Palin Swimsuit

  • pmz
    Apr 22, 10:56 AM
    Of all the things that iPhone needs soon, LTE is not one of them.

    We can all wait until its widespread, and usable.

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  • sarah palin legs pics.

  • Jason Beck
    Apr 10, 02:26 AM

    Apr 23, 12:05 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Im a shareholder. Similar to many others here that you mindlessly dismiss

    I have nothing against Apple shareholders (both shorts and longs :D). It's just this is not a forum for them. This is their forum:

    May 2, 02:19 AM
    What about those who lost their lives in 9/11? They probably deserved to live, but can you give them life back?


    Like I said - the world needed him alive, and I wish they had just captured him instead. Nothing constructive comes out of cheering over somebody else's death.

    Um, are you not the same person who applauded the Columbine shootings and wished you had the balls to do something similar back in the day?:rolleyes:

    I remember that thread very well before it was forgive me if I do not share the same opinion as you

    Mar 3, 06:38 PM
    I don't think they're ruling out mental illness.

    Aug 16, 07:19 AM
    Around here AIM is all anyone uses...

    The American market is not like the rest of the world and it really isn't 'all anyone uses'.

    Here's a more recent survey...

    "London, April 10, 2006 � comScore Networks, the leader in digital media measurement, today released the results of an analysis of instant messenger (IM) usage in various parts of the world. According to the study, eighty-two million people, or 49 percent of the European online population, used IM applications to communicate online in February. In comparison, sixty-nine million people in North America, or only 37 percent of the online population, used IM during the same timeframe. Interestingly, the analysis showed that IM is most heavily used in the Latin American region, with 64 percent of the online population using IM in February.

    Jun 6, 07:57 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    15 minutes?

    45 Seconds is all it took to get the facts...

    Google search: "android market return policy"

    First result:

    For those too lazy to click...

    "Returns: You have 24 hours from the time of purchase (not download) to return any applications purchased from Android Market for a full refund of any applicable fees."

    Summary: 24 Hours, not 15 minutes.

    This is such a great feature that would perhaps stimulate fair pricing and quality paid apps

    Problem with this feature is it kills viability fo many non casual games. Pretty much most story/campaign games can be solved in that time period.


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