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  • twoodcc
    Nov 30, 10:44 PM
    It's amazing how much the the price has increased for "pro" macs over the years, though if you look at comparable dell's or hp's they are often more expensive than a high end mac pro (without the add on's, Apple want's too much for memory and hdd's).

    I was thinking of maybe 2 more gtx 275's, that would make 4 275's and 2 260's. 3 would go on the i7 machine and 3 on the amd 965 and since I didn't have much luck with windows 7 running normal units well on the amd I may not get the normal cpu units running on the i7 either, all of those gpu's will make up for any difference though. That will probably be it for new horse power for a while, I may have to live with the idea that I will never catch up to mc68k :rolleyes: or even atlasfolding :D

    yeah, the mac pro is just out of my price range now. when it was first released in you got 4 cores, which was the most at the time, for $2499. i could deal with that. but now 8 cores cost $3299, and i'm sure the 12 cores will be the same, if not even more.

    oh ok. i'm not sure if i want to get 260s or 250s. i know the 260s get almost 2k more ppd than the 250GTS, but it might not be worth the price. i'm still thinking about it.

    yeah right now i'm just running gpu units. i wonder which uses more power, gpu or bigadv?

    At least with my mac pro it is quite usable while running bigadv units, it doesn't feel slow at all and the wu doesn't slow down very much.

    Are there gpu, pci-e, power connectors inside the mac pro? I forgot to look the last time I had mine open.

    I will sell my 2 copies of win 7, and go back to linux, when gpu3 is up and running, it would be nice not to have to buy another copy right now but I don't want to wait for gpu3, which could be weeks or months before it is ready. I guess it is out for alpha testing, I don't think I'll bother until it's past the beta stage.

    my mac pro is too slow for the bigadv units, and the regular ones only get about 3500 ppd. i'm getting over 15,000 ppd with the 4 gpus.

    your mac pro might have those connections. mine has 2 x 6-pin connectors for video cards. i really didn't look for any 4-pin connectors.

    i don't even know where to look for the alpha gpu3. but yeah, i'll wait. i wonder how long the wait will be though

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  • xfiftyfour
    Jul 24, 08:55 PM
    sounds interesting, though i have a feeling many people will just ignore the feature and end up touching the screen anyway, lol.

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  • sixth
    Oct 24, 08:37 AM
    MBPRO 15/2.33/2G/120/256VRAM/SD-DL-USA
    ship - Oct 30, 2006 delivery -Nov 6, 2006

    hows everyone else's ship dates?

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    May 3, 08:48 AM
    Not sure if anyone noticed this but while trying to price one, I noticed that the 21" model can't be maxed to 16gb as their page says.... :mad:
    That was the case for the previous 21.5" too. The smaller enclosure can only fit 2 DIMM slots while the larger 27" can fit 4 DIMM slots.


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  • kainjow
    Nov 5, 12:32 AM
    Oh yeah, your opinions mean a lot to us now, that's for sure.


    Did you just watch Borat? :D

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  • KnightWRX
    Jan 1, 03:03 PM
    Humans function on a reward system. You may climb Everest because of the personal accomplishment or the rush. Eating to the degree of excess that lady has is far more than a love of food.

    Exactly, when I do Park skiing, I know it's dangerous, but the reward is there, the thrill, the excitement and the adrenaline rush all make you want to get back up that slope and go again. Same for climbers or any other kind of adventurous humans.

    Obese people and food ? Most obese people don't do it out of love of food. Look at what your standard obese person eats while they are in a "weight gain" mode (before trying to lose weight). It's pure junk that doesn't have a particular flavor or good taste. It's usually just sugar/fat filled mouth stuffers, it's not rewarding at all, no subtle flavors to discovers.

    Anecdote, this couple I know was vacationing in the states. They were eating at a local "Greasy spoon" joint (you know the place, anything and everything, grilled meats, burgers, salads, sandwichs). The guy looked over to his left to a very fat lady and she was eating a basket a fried chicken. He snickered. He snickered less when he saw that was an appetizer and she received a plate of fries with a fried chicken sandwich for her main course. He was completely dumbfounded when he saw her take a small packet on the table and start pouring it on the sandwich. That wasn't salt, she was sugaring her fried chicken sandwich which she ate after a basket of fried chicken.

    Love of food ? I love food personally, but I wouldn't call what she was eating particularly appealing. It wasn't well prepared, it wasn't particular flavors (she could have just drank a glass of oil and dumped the packets of sugar in her mouth, the taste would have been the same), it was just fattening.

    If you want to argue that most "Chefs" that love food and make great foods full of flavors and preparation are fat, look really closely at chefs. Most are not fat at all, I'd say the proportion is the same as in the normal population. Heck look at this guy :

    Have you seen the food he prepares ? That stuff looks awesome and I'm sure it tastes awesome. He does a grilled chicken with BBQ sauce that just looks like it melts in your mouth. Yet he's perfectly normal sized.


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  • killerrobot
    Jun 6, 01:31 AM
    How long after you make a purchase does the App Store remember your password so you don't have to enter it again? I presume that's what happened in this case.

    I know there's a "don't prompt me next time" box that pops up in the itunes settings on OS X.
    On my iPhone it seems I always have to enter my password for every download - there has to be a setting for that somewhere.

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  • cvaldes
    Apr 24, 02:09 AM
    Is this just a European iPhone on T-Mobile there?

    Sound more and more like a rumor - AT&T and Verizon are exclusives to the iPhone here...
    No, the European iPhone is the same hardware as the AT&T iPhone. It will handle voice and pokey EDGE/GPRS data on the T-Mobile USA network, but not 3G data because they use the AWS band for that.

    Whether you believe that there is carrier exclusivity is irrelevant. Apple probably tests on many different carriers around the world.

    The fact of the matter is Apple doesn't announce the terms of their contracts with mobile operators, so your so-called "exclusivity" could have ended at midnight yesterday.


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  • Extremus
    May 3, 03:42 AM
    Will the iMacs be released in all countries at the same time? I live in the Netherlands but I don't know wether to expect an iMac update this week or not.
    I don't want to wait! Want to buy one nowwwwww!!:D

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  • bigjohn
    Oct 23, 10:31 AM
    they're just trying to prevent you buying one copy of vista and spreading it to every system in your house, including virtual ones on existing systems.

    that said, who reads the EULA anyway, i have better things to do with my time


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  • TwoSocEmBoppers
    Mar 13, 03:24 PM
    Anyone have any inventory updates for stores in the area?

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  • meli
    May 3, 07:38 AM
    It doesn't even get above the fold on Apple's homepage.


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  • NoNothing
    Mar 29, 01:48 PM
    So the reason apple charges more is because??? Seems like google is a better deal.

    Not like that matters, if you develop for OSX, iOS or both... Then the sky high price might be worth it.

    It is 5 days and not 2? Apple has more sessions?

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  • ngenerator
    Apr 14, 10:45 AM
    It seems to be fixed with no new updates :( drats


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  • marksman
    Apr 13, 06:45 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    Anytime an "analyst" opens their mouth, it should be page 2 material at best.


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  • Sambo110
    Apr 15, 08:03 PM
    Only updated my iPad to 4.3, was too lazy to update my iPod Touch, but with all these battery drain issues I might hold off, 4.3 doesn't have anything I need for my iPod.


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  • Juan007
    Apr 12, 09:58 AM
    iPhone 4 is at least one year ahead of the competition, and several years ahead when comparing HW quality / build quality. Even with dual core processors the Android UI speed compares unfavorably to pre-3GS iPhone. The Android UI itself is garbage compared to IOS 4.

    It's perfectly fine to hold off a release of iPhone 4 for a few months. The competition is not catching up, not even close. The ONLY problem with delay is that there is some perception that iPhone 4 is an "old phone" even though it's the best on the market. If you find some guy who's been in a coma for the past year and ask him to choose between iPhone 4 and the latest and greatest Android spin there's no doubt which he'd choose. But ask someone who had a pulse and they know iPhone 4 was released almost a year ago. Even though it is clearly the best phone on the market, the perception is that it's old.

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  • neil1980
    Apr 25, 11:29 AM
    What about a screen bigger than 21.5" but less than 27"?

    Skint at the moment but exactly the above.

    I was looking at the 24" and held off for the update when they did the 21.5 and 27.

    21.5 is too small for me really and 27 is too big.... 24 would have been the ideal size really so I held off and in the end didn't bother.

    Will probably get a 24" monitor and a henge dock or maybe a mac mini instead

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  • acslater017
    Jul 25, 01:04 PM
    It seems unlikely that Apple will employ this none-touch technology in the next-gen iPod. Can you imagine how much battery life it would take? Just to prevent fingerprints?

    I imagine the full-screen iPod will indeed use a touch-screen in order to increase screen size - but it's impractical to employ motion sensors in a gadget like this, which people use while walking, in their pocket, in their car, etc.

    I'm not saying Apple will do this, but a more practical solution would be to coat the touch screen with Durabis (the Blu-ray scratch coating) or something similar so that scratches and fingerprints don't show up. That would be MUCH cheaper, conserve battery life and space, and allow for sort-of tactile-feedback (at least touching a smooth surface) and easy operation - keeping your fingers floating just above it is a novel but inconvenient way of doing things.

    steve knight
    Dec 30, 11:56 AM
    you gotta feel sorry for the poor abused toilet. I can imagine the reamed out plumbing.

    Apr 1, 08:38 AM
    So how about a to-do list, hey Apple?

    Oh you are so right!! :eek: This loses the to-do list in iCal, thus why I had to buy a to-do list app just to sync my to-do's on iphone/iPad. Hope this does not mean a separate to-do list in OS X. Now instead of having 3 apps always open (ical, mail, address book) - it will be 4. What a resource hog.

    Even MS's new office (although with it's problems) on the windows side incorporates collaboration through chat, email, etc within apps. Time to unify iCal, mail, address book, to-do, ichat, and facetime into one nice integrated app to provide easier workflow and collaboration. Or maybe keep facetime / ichat separate for the new unified app - but allow for clicking and auto-launching to communicate with someone right from your unified (ical,address book, mail, to-do app).

    I think that would be a boon for apple and even easier to get into businesses.

    C'Mon Apple - look to how the user operates. Everything needs to be right in front of us to same time and improve workflows...

    Mar 29, 08:26 AM
    Well Google I/O conference sold out in 59 Minutes! ( :eek:

    Jul 29, 07:16 PM
    As in, this is something that does not Zoom, its Zunes?

    Could still be fun to watch tho ...
    Just how uncool can M$ make music?

    Apr 24, 03:29 PM
    Which doesn't mean much because it doesn't factor in the iPod or iPad, which both run iOS. It's better to look at platform marketshare rather than just smartphone marketshare.

    We where doing a simple survey on cellphone use on campus to answer the Research question "Do students use more smartphones now compared to last year."

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