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iceland volcanoes map

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  • BraveArts
    Nov 11, 07:28 AM
    Still doesn't seem to be available outside the US. Any ideas why??
    or when it might be available in Europe?? :apple:

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  • bman1209
    Mar 31, 11:12 AM
    Does anyone know what the month view will look like with this new update to lion...screenshots please.

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  • shawnce
    Dec 1, 05:01 PM
    /Applications/Utilites/Directory -> AppleTalk is checked.

    That is different then having AppleTalk active on a network connection.

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  • poobear
    Apr 15, 01:36 PM
    976.6 MB wtf
    Apple: Learn from Google


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  • DeathChill
    Apr 23, 12:55 AM
    Nope. I see every issue from the consumer perspective - as I should (being a consumer). Any other perspective would be an abomination (unless for those who hold tons of AAPL shares).
    Phrases like "in Apple's eyes" is a good example of what I am talking about. Apple does not use iPhones, consumers do. Consumer eyse are the only eyes that matter. And that is exactly why people are switching to Android. If Apple cares more about what they think is right than what I think is right (for me) it would be stupid for me to care about what Apple thinks or does.

    I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. You say that it would be stupid for you to care about what Apple thinks or does, yet you're on here berating them left and right. It makes zero sense to me.

    Consumer eyes do matter and that's who Apple builds devices for. They don't build them for the spec junkie who has to have everything in the spec list checked off. They want people to have a great experience on their device in areas that matter in their mind.

    I doubt that but even if that was the case then what? Every other phone manufacturer on the planet can design a phone that has LTE and Apple could not? Because they spend on R&D much less than any other hi-tech company of comparable size?

    It is definitely true currently. No chip supports LTE and the other specifications (CDMA, GSM) yet.

    Apple certainly can design a phone that supports LTE, but getting good battery life out of it is another thing. This is an area of focus for Apple so they won't make compromises here.

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  • Digitalclips
    Apr 29, 02:59 PM


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  • dba7dba
    Apr 22, 01:33 AM
    Have you seen the pictures in Nilay Patel's article about the suit ( They copied the look of the iPhone, exactly. Hell, they even copied some of the icons -- the Phone icon, the iTunes icon. Why would they make the phone icon a white handset angled up and to the right on a green background if they weren't deliberately trying to make it look like an iPhone?

    If you're Apple, you absolutely have to sue over this. Otherwise you're saying, okay, anybody who wants to can just make a clone that looks exactly like the iPhone. Anyone who owns a valuable brand has to defend it.

    Image (

    Image (

    Hm the galaxy looks thinner from the side. can samsung sue apple for making a big deal about ipad2 being thinner (or was it thinnest)?

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  • gr8whtd0pe
    Jan 31, 02:26 PM

    Ah, touche. But you know what I meant.


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  • Consultant
    Apr 13, 07:33 PM
    LOL. White iPhone 4 will be the duke nukem forever of iPhones.

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  • Onimusha370
    May 2, 01:13 PM
    Looking forward to tomorrow, I'm just hoping it's Tuesday and not thursday. Hoping to lay my hands on a base 27 inch sometime in September :)


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  • iancapable
    Oct 19, 11:15 PM
    The Gartner report released yesterday had Dell and HP virtually tied for first place with 17.2% market share each (HP ever so slightly higher) and the IDC one had HP 300k units (or 0.2%) ahead.

    Dell are still #1 in the USA, but even there the gap narrowed, from Dell having a 2.2 million unit lead in the previous quarter to a 1.5 million unit lead in the quarter just ended.

    HP are really leaping ahead. I expect they will take the US #1 spot back from Dell sometime next year.

    Oh my... Showing signs of a dying Dell... Apple is looking good at the moment though.

    If Apple grabs even 10% of the Market, I reckon we will see a lot more software ported to OSX (namely games).

    I'm porting all my code over to OSX, so will be on of those converts.

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  • Gasu E.
    Jul 24, 01:58 PM
    As a Mac fan-boy I'd love to think Apple actually picked up sustainable market share, but as an actual technology product manager who does forecasts for a living, I've got to look askew at the data:

    * Mac market share was DOWN the previous quarter

    * The attributed cause of the share drop the previous quarter was the transition to Intel

    * Therefore the previous quarter share drop represented pent-up demand that would rematerialize once the Intel transition stabilized

    * Therefore one would expect a corresponding one-time blip UP in the corresponding quarter to resolve the pent-up demand

    * And low and behold, the marketshare "increase" just about corresponds to the resolution of the previous quarter's pent-up demand.

    In other words, to keep the same long-term share, the current quarter's share would have to temporarily rise to make-up for last quarter's drop.

    Sorry, amigos, I'll wait to see next quarter's data before I pop the cork...


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  • heron88
    Apr 11, 10:27 PM
    Taken from the top of Mount Leconte in Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

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  • SirStrumalot
    May 4, 01:28 AM
    It would be unlikely but cool if they let us upgrade to iOS5 after its unveiling at the WWDC.


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  • xPismo
    Nov 3, 10:47 AM
    <Darth Vader voice> Impressive.... </voice>

    Great to see another virtual machine app for osx/intel. I can't wait to get my hands on one and try all this new fun stuff out! I feel so left out.

    ...i'd install avid in parallels. ... more features quicker.

    OMG! Avid in a virtual machine? I doubt, and I know I'm old and cranky, that Avid will ever work convincingly in a VM environment. Bootcamp hopefully one day.

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  • kernkraft
    Jun 6, 09:29 AM
    CNET has a good video about Apple's refund. If you mistakenly purchased, you have a 90 day period to rectify the problem and Apple deals with it, not the developer.

    Even 7 days is not enough to see your bank statement, so I wouldn't be surprised if Android had a similar period.

    Besides, no sane company wants to have this sort of bad publicity. It's fairly obvious that people make mistakes.

    Somebody suggested that the developer would lose Apple's $300 cut - that's not the case.


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  • MacRumors
    Jul 28, 07:13 AM (

    ZDNet reports ( on Microsoft's recently revealed audio player initiative known as "Zune". Last week ( Microsoft confirmed that they were entering the music player market with an integrated solution for music, called Zune:

    "We do need a more consistent experience," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in a January interview. "That doesn't mean it's bad to have a variety of devices. I think that's great. But there are some things we need to make sure are more consistently delivered across the portable devices."

    In the latest article, Microsoft's president of the Entertainment and Devices Division states that the Zune initiative is a long term effort with tie ins into other Microsoft projects including the Xbox, Medica center and Live Anywhere gaming.

    Bach didn't offer new details on Zune but said creating a sense of community and making it easier to find new music are central to it. "We're not just introducing Zune to do the same thing other people do," Bach said. Still, he said, the company expects it to take three to five years for the effort to really pay off.

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  • Jason Beck
    Apr 11, 10:57 PM

    I like what you have going on here. Great detail on the girl / hair too, bokeh is pleasing and vibrant. Epic shoot locale. Tell her to stand up straighter next time and I think it would be flawless. Fill light could go one notch down too.

    I love this photo you know. Very good color harmony with the dress too!

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  • Waybo
    Apr 2, 04:25 PM
    As we sailed out of Miami, we spotted this gorgeous home. It's still under construction. Wonder what it'll look like when it's done?!?

    ISO 1250, 155 mm, 0 ev, f/6, 1/4000

    Oct 24, 09:20 AM
    I haven't read all the messages, but I'm wondering....
    How many of you that have been waiting and whining actually took the plunge this morning? I can say for a fact that I did. Just curious to see how many people are still saying, "...But, the MBP still lacks a male genitalia insert port."
    Cynical, you say? Yes, I've been on these forums long enough to see people constantly complain for the next best thing, even on new release days.

    Anyway, here's my order again (because I'm ***** excited) :D :

    MacBook Pro 15-inch Glossy Widescreen Display
    2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM - 2x1GB
    2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Apple USB Modem
    Backlit Keyboard/Mac OS - U.S. English
    160GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
    Accessory Kit
    SuperDrive 6x (DVD+R DL/DVD�RW/CD-RW)

    Well, I actually took the plunge. I know some of you complained that I was whining. But at least I did buy it.

    2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    1GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM-1x1GB
    120GB Serial ATA Drive@5400rpm
    SuperDrive 6X
    15" Glossy Widescreen Display
    BkLit Keyboard/Mac OS
    Country Kit

    Apr 22, 10:29 AM
    I'm just curious if the projected combined CMA / HSPA chips to be included in the iPhone would support HSPA+? That would at least give us some extra speed for iPhone 5. I don't think the current AT&T iPhone 4 does support HSPA+ - unless I'm mistaken.


    Michael Scrip
    Apr 30, 03:51 AM
    Selling loss leaders is a very common retail tactic and is used by just about everyone (including Apple).

    Very true.

    Apple sells cheap songs in hopes that you'll buy an iPod.

    Amazon sells even cheaper songs... ???... profit?

    Apr 14, 06:48 AM
    I the first iPhone is FAR from the original smart phone. First Smart phone that was simple to use. But far from original.

    Phones that are difficult to use are not smart.

    Apr 12, 09:12 AM
    OK, stop it already! Enough with the iPhone 5 / iPad 3 release date rumors, or put it on page 2.

    Yet you take the time to read and comment on it? Interesting. I guess the notion that these rumors generate page views really is true!!

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