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lars von trier dogville

lars von trier dogville. Director: Lars von Trier
  • Director: Lars von Trier

  • Lummi
    Apr 5, 11:43 AM
    I enjoy viewing these photo of the day threads almost daily. :)
    Rare contribution from me.

    lars von trier dogville. Lars von Trier
  • Lars von Trier

  • toddybody
    Apr 24, 10:34 PM
    wait, they have WHITE iPhone 4's now? :p

    lars von trier dogville. Dogville (Lars Von Trier,
  • Dogville (Lars Von Trier,

  • marksman
    Apr 28, 06:19 PM
    The current 3GS with the cheapest plan you can get from AT&T would cost you 90% of what the same plan and a 4 would cost you.

    Not sure what's amazing about that, and I'm pretty sure that when the 5 is out, the 4 will end up costing roughly the same.

    Hardly amazing.

    Unless you're math challenged.

    Which anyone would be anyone who would consider such a deal for 3GS now or for a 4 when 5 is out.

    Considering the number of 3GS still being sold, there's a lot of math challenged iOS users out there.

    I don't know if you know how math works, but there are no discounts for not having a subsidy. You don't factor in the cost of service, that is not relevant. You will pay that regardless of the handset device. My regular iPhone would cost that.

    What about someone with multiple accounts? The additional line is $10 a month. You failed to consider all the factors in your math.

    For people buying an expensive smartphone getting the 3GS is a good deal. Notice how they sell more of them then any other smartphone besides the iPhone 4, even when Android handset makers give away their product.

    lars von trier dogville. Dogville (Lars von Trier,
  • Dogville (Lars von Trier,

  • imnotatfault
    Aug 19, 06:46 AM
    Can't an OS be simple to use anymore?

    NO WAY! That would actually make sense.


    lars von trier dogville. Lars von Trier#39;s fable
  • Lars von Trier#39;s fable

  • FoxyKaye
    Sep 30, 10:18 AM
    Both mine and my partner's regular EDGE/3G cellphones (Nokias) on AT&T drop calls at a horrific rate. When calls do connect, I've heard static, other people's conversations, and a constant background hiss well beyond what other cell networks have. I borrowed a friend's Sprint phone the other day because my battery ran out, and I was amazed at how clear the call was - and her cell was Sprints giveaway texting phone. This is in East Bay, CA.

    Goodbye AT&T - I'll never use you as a carrier again, which also means every business I work for that has cell plans for its employees will also never use you as a carrier again.

    lars von trier dogville. Dir - Lars Von Trier
  • Dir - Lars Von Trier

  • bpw
    Apr 29, 12:37 PM
    As the owner of a 1GHz eMac that will be 8 years old this summer, I've been targeting this as the year to upgrade to a 27" Core i7 iMac. We also have a MacBook that is getting up there in computer age. I'm really looking forward to this refresh, but I'll be waiting until this summer when they are shipping with Lion installed. I figure I've waited this long already, what's another few months?! I can't wait to do some home video editing on a machine that can easily handle it and dabble in some gaming on games that aren't 8-10 years old (even if most of my gaming will still be on the Xbox 360).


    lars von trier dogville. Dogville (2003) A Film by Lars
  • Dogville (2003) A Film by Lars

  • SciFrog
    Oct 29, 07:48 PM
    Should get32/33 mins per frame, something else must be slowing it down. Could be the raid, spotlight, check the activity monitor. Keep HT on.

    lars von trier dogville. work of Lars von Trier.
  • work of Lars von Trier.

  • Legion93
    May 1, 11:44 PM
    I would just like to mention two things:

    1. Today is yom hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)
    2. Yesterday, April 30, 2011 is the anniversary of Hitler's death.

    Just want to through those two items out there

    You mean this was meant to happen?

    It's the devil's code!


    lars von trier dogville. film-maker Lars von Trier
  • film-maker Lars von Trier

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Nov 25, 04:55 PM
    gonna be getting this for myself
    Is this your first rc car? i clicked on the link and thinking about buying something. seems like a decent car but im not to sure about it. Thanks Lloyd

    lars von trier dogville. Dogville - Discussion and
  • Dogville - Discussion and

  • mcmlxix
    Apr 12, 10:28 AM
    Apple releases products in predictable time frames. iPhone 5 will be released in June.

    Apple has changed their predictability in the past. They're not going to handcuff them self to past release schedules or what talking heads expect. It’s in their (and our) interest for them to release new hardware when it’s ready.


    lars von trier dogville. Image from Dogville (Lars von
  • Image from Dogville (Lars von

  • Axegrinder
    Jul 11, 05:07 PM
    I know this is an Apple site and having recently "switched" I'm in no way knocking Apple or their products, but at the risk of getting flamed, why do people buy the video ipod with its tiny screen when there are other, better, video players out there already?

    I have one of these ( and its fantastic. Great battery life, large vibrant screen, 30GB hard drive, plays movies, audio and records off the TV. Works great with my nice new 20" intel iMac too using handbrake and VisualHub.

    I know brand loyalty plays a major part in peoples purchasing decisions but buying an ipod to watch video on a screen as small as that? Don't think I could stand it for long.

    IMHO, both Apple and Microsoft will have to go some way to beat the COWON A2.

    lars von trier dogville. Lars Von Trier#39;s #39;Dogville
  • Lars Von Trier#39;s #39;Dogville

  • apfhex
    Dec 1, 02:54 PM
    iAdware apparently works by silently installing a system library. That sounds like a vulnerability that Apple could easily fix, by requiring Admin privileges, issuing a warning, and/or prompting for an Admin password.
    I've been wanting them to do this for a while. There are already non-adware applications that do that (think "Smart Crash Reports"), which really bothers me.


    lars von trier dogville. lars von trier dogville.
  • lars von trier dogville.

  • BillyBobBongo
    May 3, 07:43 AM
    It doesn't even get above the fold on Apple's homepage.

    The fold is an old sound like my boss! :p

    lars von trier dogville. Photo
  • Photo

  • chrmjenkins
    Feb 28, 04:43 PM
    It's happened before...

    And we reelected him. :mad:


    lars von trier dogville. lars von trier dogville.
  • lars von trier dogville.

  • Keleko
    Apr 4, 02:48 PM
    It is little known that the Greeks made it all the way over to Kentucky. But, here is the proof from Hopkinsville, KY. (

    Let's pretend I posted this version yesterday instead... :) (

    lars von trier dogville. director, Lars von Trier
  • director, Lars von Trier

  • GekkePrutser
    Apr 22, 08:12 AM
    Yeah I'm sure it can be done, but it could have needed a redesign of the keyboard backlight, so they could have left it to the next generation.

    For example, the old-style backlight such as present on the MBP's, seems to have a whole load of visible 'dots', either separate LEDs or glass fibres or something. Either way there's a bunch of bright dots around the keys. I noticed this all the time because on my old MBP the backspace key was tilted forward a bit so the bright dots came into view at the edge and it was actually fairly annoying. This way of building a keyboard backlight is probably relatively thick.

    They could replace this setup with a simple layer of Electroluminescent foil, or a lightspreader such as used behind an LCD screen. That requires only the thickness of the foil, and a slightly thicker edge at one end where the light goes into it, but that can be placed at the thickest part of the device. Apple manages to put a backlight in the extremely slim screen of the MBA so this should be possible as well. It probably won't be as light as direct LEDs underneath each key but it should be sufficient in situations where you really need it. I always ran my key backlight at the very lowest setting anyway.

    So I won't be surprised if it makes its way back. I guess the more people will complain, the more incentive Apple will have to design something that will fit.


    lars von trier dogville. Lars von Trier#39;s Dogville)
  • Lars von Trier#39;s Dogville)

  • Doylem
    Apr 14, 02:19 PM

    Love it... Full of life...

    lars von trier dogville. In Dogville, Lars Von Trier
  • In Dogville, Lars Von Trier

  • MacQuest
    Oct 18, 06:51 PM
    I wish Apple would use more of the innovative spirit that is going into their "entertainment" branch and put it back into their computers.

    Knock, Knock.

    Who's there?


    lars von trier dogville. Lars von Trier (quot;Dogville,quot;
  • Lars von Trier (quot;Dogville,quot;

  • milo
    Aug 16, 11:18 AM
    Is anyone else bothered by the button to buy more batteries?

    No. Some people *want* a spare battery, if you don't want it don't buy it. It's not like it's a popup ad or something.

    The American market is not like the rest of the world and it really isn't 'all anyone uses'.

    Which is why he began the statement AROUND HERE. Since when does "around here" mean "everyone in the world"?

    Apr 14, 12:44 PM
    I'll only upgrade if this fixed the ****** animation glitches and battery drain. 4.3 h been a nightmare and the first update to it certainly didn't fix much. I'll wait for a report.

    I agree with the animation glitches. For the 5 minutes I've had it on my iPhone (Did a restore, instead of upgrade), haven't noticed animation glitches like I did with 4.3 and 4.3.1, so I would say that it's a safe bet to upgrade it. Everything seems to be a lot more fluid this time around. Hope that helps. Enjoy!

    Apr 15, 12:42 PM
    Are you guys for real?

    I'm not really into apple or apple products, but there is no big mystery behind the string ix.Mac.MarketingName (except for 'Mac', that is)

    'ix' is and object or a variable in whatever programming language they've written this in.

    'Mac' and 'MarketingName' are either methods or keys (in a hash) belonging to the 'ix' variable/object.

    Let me illustrate with a simple javascript/JSON variable:

    var ix = {

    Jul 24, 03:49 PM
    As a matter of fact, a cheap wired optical mouse is AS LOW AS 2 USD..

    Apr 21, 10:53 PM
    How so? (not saying you're wrong, I'm genuinely curious)

    Several reasons. It's very fast - Mannheim is about a year, and Dusseldorf about two. You can't raise invalidity of the patent as a defense. You have to very early in the case explain your theory of non-infringement, etc. The system works very differently than the U.S.

    Mar 31, 12:14 PM
    UGLY :(
    Why have the 2 systems got to be integrated.
    So now my pro desktop experience is being influenced by a 9 inch toy.
    Will Lion be the last roar for Apple's real computer OS?

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