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oprah winfrey biography

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  • patliean1
    Sep 30, 08:31 AM
    Sadly, as long as the Apple fanboys continue to flock to the iPhone unconditionally AT&T will have little to no reason to upgrade the quality of their service.

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  • Padraig
    Jul 12, 07:55 AM
    Don't know how true this is, but if correct demonstrates MS determination to take losses to dominate the market. From Engadget,

    But it gets better. To attract current iPod users Microsoft is going to let you download for free any songs you've already bought from the iTunes Music Store. They'll actually scan iTunes for purchased tracks and then automatically add those to your account. Microsoft will still have to pay the rights-holders for the songs, but they believe it'll be worth it to acquire converts to their new player.

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  • macgeek18
    Nov 16, 09:31 PM

    Not that I usually condone this type of thing... I want to do it because I have never built a computer before, and just because I can.

    I'm hoping for cash for my i7 build for Christmas,I'm saving now and really want a better computer,but Mac is not coming anytime soon,then it hit me,I'm building a i7 pc of equal specs to a Mac Pro,it's hackintosh time!!

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  • cmaier
    Apr 23, 10:47 PM
    What's so great about the rating arrows is you can tell who's got the balls to share honestly, versus the suck ups with high positive ratings for being perfect yes men.

    Nothing ever improves without candid feedback. Yes men breed dysfunction and stagnation. Rock on boys..:)

    Not sure which bucket you're putting me in :-)


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  • KingYaba
    May 2, 02:41 AM

    Are we going to create a grave or a shrine to him? My hope is, that has been well-documented with witnesses galore.

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  • applefanDrew
    Apr 23, 07:20 PM
    As an Apple fan, I'm glad to hear this. I'd love for iPhone to get on all 4 networks in the U.S. Apple's profits go up and millions more people get access to a great device. I would love to see iPhone 5 in September get released on all networks in the U.S. :apple:


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  • lord patton
    Apr 13, 03:04 PM
    Every time I feel regret for bad decisions I've made, I think, "Yeah, but at least I'm not stupid enough to believe Apple will start selling televisions."

    Every single competitive advantage Apple could bring to market already exists inside a tiny little box called the Apple TV... a device that they actually, you know, sell.

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  • notabadname
    Apr 22, 05:48 PM
    That seems impossibly thin. Where are they going to put the hardware? Take the thickness of the glass and backlighting & the back-plate away and there's nothing left on the lower half.

    Sceptic here.


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  • Rudy69
    May 3, 09:15 AM
    You'd have to be a fool to order that from Apple. Their upgrade prices on SSD's are a joke! It'd probably be cheaper to wait it out a couple of months and get an external thunderbolt one - it'll be just as fast if not faster!

    The prices are way too high but upgrading yourself is a task most people don't want to attempt (removing the glass is a bit daunting). External thunderbolt would be nice but I don't think there's any enclosures for sale yet.

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  • partyBoy
    Sep 14, 01:27 AM
    LED ps3 slim stand:D


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  • ChazUK
    Apr 22, 12:23 AM
    How long until we're likely to see what they've hit back with?

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  • ssaxt0
    May 4, 03:03 PM
    Sorry but I do not buy the report about AT&T rep because your eligibility date does not change based on a particular phone not coming out at a certain time. I have an a 3G phone and I just became eligible for an upgrade in January. This date has not changed and AT&T states that I can change whenever I want. I am waiting for the next phone so that I am not behind again. When I got my 3G, I did not know about their yearly upgrades so I missed the 3GS by one month and then iPhone 4 came out last year. I do not want to get the iPhone 4 just so that I can be behind again.:D

    Next year, I can be behind but not this year.:eek:


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  • CorvusCamenarum
    May 1, 11:51 PM
    Comparing him to the President shows just how twisted our population's understanding of Al-Qaeda's current make up has become. He was a leader a decade ago.

    The current iteration of "Al-Qaeda" has only the idea driving it in common with the hierarchical Al-Qaeda of a decade ago.

    People's perception of reality matters more in these situations than actual reality. The fact that the average guy in the street probably still thinks/thought of him as the head of al-Qaeda is the important part.

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  • mccldwll
    Apr 29, 06:41 AM
    Ok, that works if you are thinking of getting a cellphone vs. not getting a cellphone.

    But when you are thinking of getting what type of cellphone, no, it doesn't count. Cause by deciding you are getting a cellphone but trying to decide which type, you already committed to buying the plan,what type of cellphone does not affect the cost of the plan, you are going to pay it regardless. So the cost of the plan really doesn't count for the cost of the cellphone when you are comparing cellphones together.
    The point is when we are comparing different cellphones to each other, the service doesn't matter cause if you are getting the cellphone, you are going to pay the service regardless and which cellphone you get isn't going to affect the service's price. Therefore it is irrelevant when talking cost of one cellphone vs. another to bring in the cost o the contract.

    Carriers love consumers who think like you do. It's how they are able to lock people into contracts and get rid of crappy phones--make them believe that getting a POS andrrhoid for free is such a wonderful deal compared to paying $200 for an iPhone 4 (forget the fact that that they'll be stuck with a piece of junk for a long time, suffering with poor support and function, and stuck with something completely worthless at the end, all because advertisers dangle bright, shiny objects in front of their eyes and let them believe they're saving so much in the beginning).


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  • Liquorpuki
    Feb 27, 10:35 PM
    the guy's an overpaid idiot.

    and at least Mel Gibson can act �

    But Mel's fists can't breathe fire

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  • ratinakage
    Apr 14, 01:53 AM
    That is why iPhone (4) sales will remain close to zero until the iPhone 5 introduction. A white iPhone 4 will not change that very much. :rolleyes:

    Hehe. That would be true if the general public read technology news... Most people have no idea about the iPhone 5. And there will be queues for the white iPhone 4 when it does come out because people love that kinda stuff!


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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Oct 18, 05:33 PM
    Its clear Apple is missing something in the midrange desk top line. Its time for the Cube or Macintosh or headless iMac or Max Mini or something. iMac isnt for everyone and the world has billions of big beautiful displays just waiting for a midrange Mac but if Apple prices it again the same as the towers it will be another failure. Its way past time for the next Macintosh. Needs a real GPU, at least 1 expansion slot and should be priced right along with ugly iMac:D or a pinch below.

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  • acslater017
    Jul 25, 01:04 PM
    It seems unlikely that Apple will employ this none-touch technology in the next-gen iPod. Can you imagine how much battery life it would take? Just to prevent fingerprints?

    I imagine the full-screen iPod will indeed use a touch-screen in order to increase screen size - but it's impractical to employ motion sensors in a gadget like this, which people use while walking, in their pocket, in their car, etc.

    I'm not saying Apple will do this, but a more practical solution would be to coat the touch screen with Durabis (the Blu-ray scratch coating) or something similar so that scratches and fingerprints don't show up. That would be MUCH cheaper, conserve battery life and space, and allow for sort-of tactile-feedback (at least touching a smooth surface) and easy operation - keeping your fingers floating just above it is a novel but inconvenient way of doing things.

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 24, 01:41 PM
    There is a lot of Apple Dick riding going on. Their is nothing wrong with that. But at some point you have to wake up and look at the rest of the world. World wide in smartphone sells Iphone leads by a large margin. World wide Smartphone OSs, iPhone is generally in third or fourth place (Depends on who made it, Some put RIM in front of iOS). But the majority of them place Android or Symbian as the top selling OS.

    If many of your theories that android would disappear if the iPhone was on the same carrier holds no weight. AT&T is still selling millions of Android based phones next to the iPhone (that is was even when AT&T had a piss poor line up android phones.) Right now yes iPhone is selling more then android OS on verizon. But once the honey moon phase is over android based phones will slip back ahead in sells.

    And please for the love of all thats good stop going by your personal observations. Watch me do it. In my men of honor meetings on campus I see no iOS devices and half the room has Androids. In my history class there is an equal proportion of Android OS to iOS phones. its based on where and when you look however it does not represent the entire world.

    But this does my school did a survey online and we found as March 20 the Ratios look like this- Blackberry 17%, iOS 40, Android 35%, other ties in the rest. Highest selling phone: iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, Lg Optimus 1 series of phones.

    Jan 30, 03:37 PM

    Apr 23, 06:47 PM
    I would buy this immediately. No more crappy Edge service on my iPhone. It's a chore to load anything on it, even google maps and simple web pages.

    cloud 9
    Dec 1, 07:29 PM
    An interesting read in response to the kernel panic ability of the .DMG vulnerability:

    A very insteresting read.. most of which I only barely grasp. Object oriented programming just makes my eyes glaze thinking about it.. The gist:

    i don't understand why everyone is ignoring this guys' post. i'm not a computer engineer, so can someone with the right knowledge explain this a bit more? is it really adware or just a bug? :)

    IJ Reilly
    Jul 21, 11:33 AM
    Pure sobbery, and imo, its ugly.

    I'm sorry, I can't see you over the end of my nose. ;)

    Jul 28, 12:01 PM
    Honestly Microsoft will fail, and it's not because they are going to take forever to show anyone anything. Microsoft will fail because it doesn't understand the demographic it is trying to produce a product for. Microsoft may cater to business and such, but in the eyes of teenagers, many of whom are anti-establishment, Microsoft is simply not cool. Not only is Microsoft uncool, it doesn't understand what IS cool.

    True, but as i have send in a previous thread about MS, the people behind their XBox division are actually "cool" and creative and MS is said to be giving them lots of freedom. Let's not wholeheartly disregard our competition here - even though it feels good to do so!

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